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Making Your Car Buying Experience Enjoyable!

Many years ago, after of a long and successful career in law enforcement, I wanted to do something that would infuse my love for cars, and solve the hassles of buying one. Having purchased many cars over the years, I could never understand why I had to constantly battle with adversaries to end up giving them thousands of my hard-earned dollars. Nobody has time to spend 4 hours of negotiation to get to the bottom line price, and still not be sure whether they got a good deal or not. 

I solve this problem for you. With me, you will always get the best possible deal on a car that will fit your needs, your budget and your goals.



car dealer Truckee CA or Reno NV

Kevin Harper

General Manager

CA License 82038

Erik Johnson - Sales

As a 20-year North Tahoe local, and a life-long aficionado of European cars, Erik was always astonished at how absurdly overpriced Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and Porsche vehicles were in our area. For his own purchases, he would venture as far as Reno or even Sacramento, yet still found it basically impossible to get a fair price on clean specimens of quality luxury brands. The North Lake Tahoe/Truckee area is a unique and amazing place, and it’s understandable that  locals have to pay more for many necessities to live here- but there’s no reason the right car has to be one of them.  10 years ago, he left the acquisition capital and finance industry behind, and focused on sourcing some of the finest pre-owned European luxury vehicles available ever since.


After many years of independently providing particularly sharp values, specializing in the German all-wheel-drive market and including supplying other dealers and international clientele, Erik decided to join forces with Kevin Harper and the Truckee Auto Mall. Kevin and Erik share a commitment to fair dealings and customer satisfaction, as well as a perspective on the vehicle purchasing process that is quite divergent from the norm in the automotive industry- namely, that it should be a simple, no pressure, painless and even fun transaction. With their combined experience and expertise in sourcing an extremely wide array of vehicles, both new and used, they will do their absolute best to ensure your next vehicle purchase is your best one yet.


Kevin Harper - Owner

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